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Rawhide drumheads offer exceptional tone and warmth, with a feel and sensitivity unlike any plastic head. At Bovid Percussion we are pleased to offer heads from the following hides


-Calf: The traditional standard for drum set use.    A very durable hide with a an open, resonate tone, and excellent durability. Available in unbleached/broken white (slightly dryer sound, classic choice for drum set) and clear/unbroken (more resonate, classic choice for orchestral selections), as well as with fur

-Goat: Slightly dryer than broken white calf. Can be shaved exceptionally thin for snare-side use. The standard choice for djembe. Available with fur.

-Mule: A tougher head than calf, allows for a very thin, articulate batter head for drum set use. In greater thickness, an excellent choice for congas/bongos

-Camel: Slightly dryer than goat. Available in a  white batter batter weight with a very smooth surface, excellent for brush work, and snare side weight

-Steer: Cow skin from older, male animals. Too thick for drum set use, but excellent choice for congas/bongos



We work diligently with our suppliers to ensure that all hides meet our quality standards, and all heads that don't meet our specific requirements are rejected. While rawhide is a natural product and it's not possible to guarantee that 100% of potential defects can be seen, we are confident in our supply and selection. As such, we are willing to warranty our heads for 30 days from the date of purchase.   


Sizes & Thickness

Heads are available in all standard sizes from 8" to 28", as well as custom sizes upon request. If you have an odd-sized drum, we're more than happy to work with you to achieve exactly what you need.

For drum set use we offer four gauges of hide:

Snare-side: 1-5 mil

Light: 6-8 mil

Medium: 9-11 mil

Heavy: 12-14 mil

For percussion use we offer hides up 3.5mm 

Flesh Hoops

Our flesh hoops are made from cold rolled solid aluminium which provides great strength, durability, and ease of tuning. 1/4" for snare and tom sizes, 3/8" for bass drum. Can be sold separate from complete heads for those who have hides of their own. Steel and brass available upon request.


Percussion Services

Here at Bovid Percussion we love making heads for drum set use, but we're also here to help for all of your percussion repair and service needs. We offer re-heading and repair services for djembe, frame drums & tambourines, congas, bongos, djun djun, banjos, and pretty well all other types of instruments requiring rawhide heads. From Brazilian cuica, to Tibetan damaru, we've got you covered. (*No tabla/mridangam re-heading...Thats a lifetime of study in itself!*)  

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