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Carter McLean with Bovid Snare Heads Top & Bottom

Acclaimed drummer Carter McLean, known for his work on Broadway's Lion King and with guitar player Charlie Hunter, demonstrates Bovid Percussion heads on his vintage nickel over brass Ludwig & Ludwig Pioneer snare drum.

The top head used is a now discontinued mule hide head, while the bottom is a thin camel snare-side head. Together, they produce a tone perfect for general drum set or orchestral use.

Tim Baltes with a Furry Goat Resonant Kick Head

Tim Baltes is known as a commercial recording artist for companies like Warner Records Canada, 21st Century Fox, and Disney. In this video, you'll see and hear a gorgeous Bovid 20" furry goat head on the front of Tim's Ludwig Classic Maple kit.

Despite the lack of a port, this resonant head still provides plenty of punch to cut through any mix. And visually, it makes Tim's drums pop too!

Carter McLean with a Full Bovid Headed Kit

Carter McLean's work goes beyond touring and a Broadway residency. He's also a social media star. His videos featuring our heads have over two million views on YouTube, which is pretty wild!

This demo features discontinued medium-thin mule heads atop thin calf bottom heads. At a high tuning, these create some of the sweetest jazz tones you've ever heard. Give them a listen!

Matt Chamberlain with Multi-Ply Heads

Matt Chamberlain is regarded as one of the greatest studio drummers of all time. His prolific work includes recording and live drumming with Pearl Jam, David Bowie, Tori Amos, The Wallflowers, Elton John, Brandi Carlile, Bob Dylan, Macy Gray, and more.

Here, Matt uses Bovid two-ply calf/goat and two-ply goat/camel (affectionately dubbed "gamel") heads on his Slingerland Radio King snare and tom batter sides, while the kick drum batter is a thin furry goat head.

Carter McLean with a 18" Furry Goat Resonant Head

This last clip featuring Carter includes his Bovid 18" furry goat head on the front of a Ludwig Classic Maple kick drum. Carter states that our head provides a "fantastic tone and super low end." Give it a listen to see if you agree!

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